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War Veteran's Home Luncheon

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Louisiana Veterans Home Picnic
Hosted by the Members of Choctaw Detachment #778
and the Devil Dogs of Pound #261
Saturday, October 14th 2017 1200 -1400

Meals for the Current Marine residents at the home and their guests will be paid for by us. Food will be prepared for approximately 50 people.

Cost per non resident is $3.00 per person , including MCL members and guests of members. Dress is casual, however, MCL and Devil Dog members should wear a shirt/cover with MCL/Devil Dog insignia.

The Marine Corps show case in the main hallway at the Veterans Home is being constantly updated take a minute or two and walk down the hallway and view the Marine show case at the Home. Also if possible dig deep in your foot locker, storage box , etc. and find an item or two that can be added to the Marine show case for the Marine residents to view and bring back memories of the Corps.

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