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14 JUNE 2013
Dear Commander Brandt, (I hope Comm. is correct, but I don't know a great deal about titles in the Military.) Thank you so much for all of the kindnesses you have shown Bill, though he did not attend many Marine Corps meetings the last few years......he was generally in bed by 6:00 p,m. I have received confirmation on the date of Bill's funeral at Arlington National Cemetery....it will be on July 2, at 3:00 p.m. We will have a Christian Service in Memorial Chapel with one of the Chaplains from there in charge of the service. Bill had chosen Psalm 23, and two Readings from Holy Scripture. One from St. John, another from I. Corinthians, and one from Revelations. He also asked that the Prayer in the back of the Episcopal Prayer Book be read, as it is the prayer he read to the Marines prior to going into Battle. "Almighty God, Our Heavenly Father, Grant unto us this day such strength and courage in Thy service on land, on sea, and in the air, that we may faithfully defend and preserve the liberties and the lives of all Thy dear children who are now suffering from unprovoked aggression and from unjust attack. May Thy Fatherly Hand ever be over us! May Thy Holy Spirit ever be with us, so that we may quickly scatter those who delight in war; and may build an enduring peace founded upon Thy Holy Laws and upon that unselfish good will to all those who love justice and peace, which Thou hast given unto us through Jesus Christ, Thine Only Son, Our Lord! Amen Bill found a great deal of peace from reading Holy Scripture and prayers these last few years. I thank you, and through you, please thank every person in the Marine Corps League who were so very, very welcoming to Bill all these years. Pat Kane, Bob Finley, Hiller Moore and Joe Corsentino made sure Bill knew when the meetings were, and that he had a ride. Dr.Whitley and Bob would come by and pick him up, and Joe and his wife drove Bill and me to Jackson, La. for the day when the Marines all go up and take fishing rods, drinks and dessert for the men up there at the Military Retirement Home (we always just called it "Jackson...). The Marine Corps League in B.R. is so involved in so many good activities, it is a great asset to the City, to the people who live and work here, and certainly to liven up the Spirit here.......I loved to go to the meetings when wives were invited.....in fact, I got pretty good at saying "HUMMMPH...." and think men's meetings have it all over women's meetings.......You all have lots more fun than we do........My love to all of you, I will be thinking of you on July 2. Nancy Penn

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